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Please feel welcome at MV-inbeeld. Practice for psychosocial therapy, coaching, hypnotherapy and EMDR. My name is Mirjam Verschoor and I am specialized in physical complaints, processing emotional events and exploring answers to life’s questions.

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You are very welcome for:

  • Experiencing more peace, confidence and relaxation.
  • Insight in your complaints and/or possible relief of your complaints.
  • Experiencing self-direction; so that you can achieve your goals.
  • Answers to your life questions.
  • Help with processing an emotional event.

Coaching and psychosocial therapy, in combination with imagination and hypnotherapy, are effective methods to achieve changes. Our subconscious determines our behavior and feelings much more than we often think. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious. This is of value, if you wish to change something in your behavior or feeling.

The practice MV-inbeeld is registered with the NBVH (Dutch Professional Association of Hypnotherapists) and the RBCZ (Register of Professional Practitioners Complementary Care).

Would you like more information about what my working method can do for you? Then make a free, no-obligation appointment for a telephone consultation. When you decide to continue, we will make a follow-up appointment, see the rates below.


  • A session of 1.5 hours: 105 euros.
  • Telephone consultation or online appointment: 17.50 euros per 15 minutes.
  • Are you a student? You can receive a 30% discount if you show your collegecard .

You pay after the consultation. You will receive the invoice by email. An appointment can be canceled or changed free of charge up to 24 hours before the start.

If you, as an employer, want to offer an employee extra guidance, there are options for this. In this case, please contact me.


Call for more information: +31 (0)6 414 65 700
Or email:


The practice location is in the middle of the Netherlands. The address is Rijsenburgselaan 11 in Driebergen-Rijsenburg. We meet at the waiting area of ​​Medical Center Driebergen, location Villa Xaverius. Free parking is available.

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“Thanks to Mirjam’s guidance, I have made significant progress in achieving my goal! Her approach is crystal clear – she actively listens and reflects back on my words. She uses gentle confrontation to help me gain clarity and perspective. Every session is productive, leading to a definite outcome. My internal turmoil has transformed into a focused direction, allowing me to determine the next steps with ease.”